No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

– Lin Yutang

Hi Welcome to Wasel Tours! We cover all the places.

“WASEL TOURS W.T” is a company based in Sharjah Established in 2013, Looks we are very new in this Market. But Our Team is highly skilled and professional having more than 25 years Experience in Travel Industry. Our Company General Manager Mr. Abdul Hamid Kotb one of the Travel Industry Leaders who established Travel Company in UAE since 30 Years. He is one of the pioneer and established Travel Industry Leader who found group of Professional Travel Leaders and Start “WASEL TOURS”.

We have perceived the potential of tourism services in the United Arab Emirates and commence approaching hotels, companies and individuals with our professional staff. At date our Company is well equipped with the strength of experienced and dedicated team looking in the administration and the operation with diligence and hard work. Devotion and excellence service to our Domestic and International cliental. We are now able to serve our clients within U.A.E and as well as abroad. .

We don’t believe to sell Products like Tickets and Packages. We believe to make good relations with our customers, we believe to gain their TRUST and FAITH on us. If you are looking for any travel assistance please call our experts to get right information.

If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn’t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text. We will cover the most iconic places and make them present to you.

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Abdel Hamid Kotb
General Manager
We don’t believe to sell Products. We believe to make good relations with our customers, we believe to gain their TRUST and FAITH on us.

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Siham El Ibrahimi
Holidays Consultant

Feel Happy and Proud to work with Wasel Tours.

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Jhoana C. Manalese
Holidays & Visa

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Shabbir Ahmed
Tickets & Reservation

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Wasel Tours !

Whether you’re looking for family fun, a romantic getaway or genuine adventure, Wasel Tours offers the definitive range of holiday experiences.


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Our goal is to be Top 10 Best Agencies in 2015

This year we had plan to be Best Top 10 Travel Agencies in UAE. We always follow our Customer Requirement and best practices to accommodate in better way.

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